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Purple Parade Game
Based on the story of an autistic child's meltdown on an outing to Singapore's famous Gardens By The Bay. Sometimes, we can only hazard a guess as to what triggered the outcry, so here's the scenario as vivid as we can only imagine. Sheepwalker is based on a true story of an autistic child's encounter with sheep.

To manage the situation, patience, presence of mind and resourcefulness are needed. Do you have what it takes?

Auton seeks refuge from the crowd in his imaginary spaceship.

If you are wondering about the blue light, it draws inspiration from an old episode of the classic sci-fi Space1999: Force Of Life.

Wakeboarding Game
Inglourious Baskets
An easy game with basic Newtonian dynamics is written in Javascript. Thanks to Andrew Hadinyoto for the smarts in this Javascript take on the classic game A playable alpha version of an experimental game created in an early version of Flash which had 3D controls. Intended for integration with sensors on a wakeboard simulator, although budget for the construction was not realized.
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